Inanimae: Playing at Hearts

Hi all, Simon here!
At its heart, Inanimae: the Secret Way is a story about our relationship with the world around us. The inanimae are spirits who watch the mortal world and fashion human-like bodies in order to interact with both the world and us.
As things that play at being human the inanimae add a compelling outsider's perspective to the world of Changeling: the Dreaming. The inanimae allow us to examine ourselves and our relationships with the world around us in a way that the vanilla kiths do not. All of the material in this document is meant to highlight and reinforce that motif and, where possible, make mixed Inanimae/meat-changeling games a little easier to navigate.
Here is my collection of golden rules, system tweaks, and setting fillout/changes: Inanimae: Playing at Hearts. Enjoy! And don't forget to comment.


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