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Nightmare Incursions

What Is This? The Nightmare Incursion system is meant to make the threat of accumulating nightmare points immediate and thematic. Written mostly before C20 was available, this system was originally an expansion of the 2nd edition Nightmare rules. While C20 went in a different direction with what nightmare does to a changeling the system they wrote is not very threatening in short or one-shot games. Nightmare incursions provide the possibility of nightmare accumulation, even in one-shots, having serious ramifications for characters. In longer games, nightmare incursions give the storyteller (and players) another tool for developing the stories they’re telling. As we’ve played with the system and refined it from its original form we’ve found that some of our best sessions revolved not around our characters’ dreams, but their unresolved nightmares and baggage. Unexpected deep dives into a changeling’s shadow can build some amazing stories.
All that said, these rules aren’t for every table.…

The Sessile Ones: A Refinement of Form

The Inanimae are among the strangest, most ineffable creatures of the dreaming. Inanimae: The Secret Way is one of my favorite original Changeling texts, but to be honest most of the systems were difficult to understand and often thematically odd. Changeling the Dreaming 20th did a lot to revise the Inanimae, and introduced some concepts that fixed a lot of the old problems with them, but as I’ve read through the chapter a few times I’ve run into some brand new thematic problems and contradictions, and some of the quirkier rules from the original text were included in C20. I have put together a few house rules for my home game to make the Inanimae a bit more approachable, while working to retain the goals that the C20 developers. As I am not one of the C20 devs I might miss the mark and may have misinterpreted the reasons for some of these rules, but I hope my take on these are useful for some of you out there adventuring in the deepest kingdoms of the Dreaming. Simon will be posting …

Inanimae: Playing at Hearts

Hi all, Simon here!
At its heart, Inanimae: the Secret Way is a story about our relationship with the world around us. The inanimae are spirits who watch the mortal world and fashion human-like bodies in order to interact with both the world and us.
As things that play at being human the inanimae add a compelling outsider's perspective to the world of Changeling: the Dreaming. The inanimae allow us to examine ourselves and our relationships with the world around us in a way that the vanilla kiths do not. All of the material in this document is meant to highlight and reinforce that motif and, where possible, make mixed Inanimae/meat-changeling games a little easier to navigate.
Here is my collection of golden rules, system tweaks, and setting fillout/changes: Inanimae: Playing at Hearts. Enjoy! And don't forget to comment.