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Alternate Seemings: Seasons

Hello fellow former Arcadians!

Pushing Simon's house rules for interregnum seemings out the door. These rules extend tentacles into a lot of different parts of the game -- a big part of this deals with the more open Kith system that our game uses. I think I managed to include explanations of every place these alternate seemings invoke another house-ruled concept, but my usual editor was busy.

As always, comments and criticism are welcome.

Alternate Seemings: Seasons.

The Autumn and Arcadian Courts

The Autumn and Arcadian Courts

This is a short (at least as far as I do "short") piece. It's mostly narrative flavor from the perspective of a bitter old Brownie who rejects the Concordian narrative.
What follows is a brief discussion about the Seleighe and unSeleighe Courts, why they seem like a giant mess, and what that might mean for the meta-narrative of your Changeling: the Dreaming games -- with some examples of how one might tie real world history from the Interregnum in to Changeling's courtly philosophies and shadowy politicking.
Finally there is an introduction for the nearly forgotten Courtless (or Solstice if one prefers the Dark Ages: Fae terminology) changelings and an associated merit.
As always, feel free to take what you feel improves your game and throw away or modify anything that doesn't.
- Simon

First People Revelires

C20/Expanded Epiphany System First People Revelries
C20 added “Revelry”, a kith-specific method for recovering Glamour to the game but did not give this ability to the Nunnehi (and by extension the Menehune). This is likely because C20 retconned away the Nunnehi’s ability to draw power from human inspiration and emotion altogether, doubling down on the “being disconnected from the Dreaming makes them something different” narrative.

It should be obvious by now what we think of that narrative but in case it isn’t: it’s a terrible choice to encode a disadvantage for the only explored nonwhite groups into the game’s core mechanics. Particularly one that is contradicted by white group’s history (the Kithain did not lose the ability to muse during the interregnum, despite being completely cut off from the Dreaming as the Nunnehi are now). While there are interpretations of the animist feeding dynamic that aren't centered on coping with colonial violence, this is how the system is framed…

Origins and Epiphanies

Origins and Epiphanies: House Rules for C20
Here are Simon's house rules surrounding changelings' feeding habits.
The goal of these rules is to make the Epiphany system less restrictive, allowing players the freedom to make European changelings who engage with animism and First People changelings who feed from inspiration. Included is a brief discussion about renaming certain elements of the game to make the system itself more inclusive of world views that might be held by the Gallain, as well laying the framework to begin bringing the Hsien into the Dreaming. Also introduced in this set of house rules are Epiphanies for feeding from worship and Epiphanies that allow changelings to feed from the dead. I hope that these new Epiphany styles add character creation opportunities and narrative diversity for pure Changeling: the Dreaming games, and create space for interesting competition interaction with certain Prodigal groups in cross-over games.
The rules as written reflect th…