The Autumn and Arcadian Courts

The Autumn and Arcadian Courts

This is a short (at least as far as I do "short") piece. It's mostly narrative flavor from the perspective of a bitter old Brownie who rejects the Concordian narrative.
What follows is a brief discussion about the Seleighe and unSeleighe Courts, why they seem like a giant mess, and what that might mean for the meta-narrative of your Changeling: the Dreaming games -- with some examples of how one might tie real world history from the Interregnum in to Changeling's courtly philosophies and shadowy politicking.
Finally there is an introduction for the nearly forgotten Courtless (or Solstice if one prefers the Dark Ages: Fae terminology) changelings and an associated merit.
As always, feel free to take what you feel improves your game and throw away or modify anything that doesn't.
- Simon


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